Alafehi i​s Dhivehi for “taro-green”. Taro (​ala​) is the traditional staple food of the island, eaten with different varieties of coconut produce and fish. Ala is grown everywhere, in every inch of muddy fertile soil found in the island - around the freshwater ​kilhi​ and in the backyards of houses. The lives of the taro fields (​ala olhu)​ of Fuvahmulah are symbiotically intertwined with the well being of its people and their subsistent ways of life.

The House - Alafehi Retreat

The home Alafehi Retreat is built on ​Maadhandige​ (translated as the home of vast fields), on Narugis magu, a quiet and airy lane in the middle of the island, leading on to the eastern beach.

The modern three-bedroom holiday home is designed with attention to detail to provide a comfortable, restful experience within an idyllic island setting - as an intimate private space for small families and friends. The living room and bedrooms housed within grand, solid structures are decorated using elegant hand carved timber furniture and fittings, and comfortable upholstery. The outdoor area houses a plunge pool, a barbecue seating area, and a modernised ​undholige’ (​ swing house) - a pavilion and lounge area with a suspended ​undholi​ bed - an essential item of comfort and convenience in many Fuvahmulan homes. The ​undholige’​ is the ideal spot to unwind in the open garden space, to be lulled into serenity by the atmosphere created by the swaying greenery beyond the walls of the house and the deep night skies, or by the chorus of birds visiting at dawn and dusk.

Available on request Available on request Maadadige
Service & Facilities
  • 02 deluxe double rooms furnished with comfortable king sized beds, and 01 deluxe twin room, all with ensuite bathrooms with hot and cold water and bathroom amenities.
  • In-room open air shower areas with private verandas and gardens.
  • A family plunge pool and with a swim jet system for endless swimming.
  • A warm, comfortable living and dining area with TV and WiFi.
  • Fully equipped kitchen, laundry, and pantry.

Alafehi butler will look after our guests with care throughout the stay. In addition to taking care of all in house living arrangements, we will be happy to guide through any experience our guests wish to seek - from local food tastings, forest walks, bicycle trails, exploration of the island’s wetlands or beaches, farm visits, and shopping, to adventure and sports activities such as diving and night fishing

Pickup point
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